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"light beings" by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography

light being (Rick Selvin)

light being (Mama Cass)

light being (Edward Hopper)

light being (Ligetti)

light beings (Nana & Dada)

light being (Chink)

light being (Max Ernst)

light being (David Arneson)

light being (Diana)




digital drawing & collage

Shell Game

Attack of the Trapazoids

Botanical Print



Sea Floor


light beings by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography - digital photographs. DoN's thesis is the reflected light from windows represent the spirits of loved ones passed, briefly realized on urban surfaces, most images are titled after important figures in DoN's life. Each "light being" composition is a landscape photograph with no special set up by the photographer, collages are all created with original photographs & scans and drawings are created with a Wacom tablet & Photoshop plein air on in the studio. Prints are available in a variety of sizes and styles, with or without framing. DoNBrewerMultimedia trusts secure PayPal for purchasing prints, some prints include shipping, other larger, framed pieces may require additional shipping & handling fees.

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