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Philadelphia, PA, USA, Earth,

Milky Way (outer ring)


Prints and photographs in DoNShOp are not limited edition, I have priced each piece as inexpensively as possible so that the images are accessable to as many other light beings as possible. If you would prefer to be the exclusive owner of a particular image, please contact DoN.

DoN has produced videos for weddings, funerals, belly dancing, art instruction, rock bands, artists interviews and documentaries. Contact DoN to document and commemorate your special event with video, photography, DVD and streaming video across the internet.

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light beings





light beings (Sid & Nancy)
Limited edition art print, 30" x 20"


light being (Jesus)
Photograph of Jesus, 20" x 30", unframed


I Was Here
Photograph, 30" x 20"


Color Field - stripe
I love this image of a Philadelphia painted door; allusions of minimalism. Photograph, 30" x 20" on matte photo paper.



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