DoNShOp CDs & DVDs. Fine Art Prints, Photography, Paintings, Drawings and Mixed Media Art by DoN Brewer
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Philadelphia, PA, USA, Earth, Milky Way (outer ring)


Prints and photographs in DoNShOp are not limited edition, I have priced each piece as inexpensively as possible so that the images are accessable to as many other light beings as possible. If you would prefer to be the exclusive owner of a particular image, please contact DoN.

DoN has produced videos for weddings, funerals, belly dancing, art instruction, rock bands, artists interviews and documentaries. Contact DoN to document and commemorate your special event with video, photography, DVD and streaming video across the internet.

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DoN Brewer Resume


light beings



Light Beings DVD

More than 50 original images by DoNBrewerMultimedia Video including award-winning photographs of light beings; this video multimedia experience is available free on this site but imagine immersing yourself in HD DVD! All original photographs by DoN Brewer.


light being (Edward Hopper)
Photograph printed on matte photo paper, framed by Len. Exhibited in SoSo show @ Art@Sophi, October 2007. This shot was taken in East Nyack NY near Edward Hopper's studio, January 2007.


light being (Mapplethorpe)
New. Photograph on matte photo paper, 20" x 30", unframed, signed by DoN.


Blue Door (Color Field)
Photograph on matte photo paper, 30" x 20", signed, framed by LeN.


Photograph printed on stretched canvas, 20" x 30", signed by DoN.



light being (Leo Seeger)
Digital photograph on photo paper, 20" x 30". This image was included in Philadelphia Sketch Club's Photography 2007 show.


$100.00 signed

Five years of flower photographs:motion graphic art set to soothing music.


DoN Music Collection DVD

Totally bootleg, un-authorized, secret-camera videos of some of Philly's most talented art rockers: Kandy Whales (now defunk'd), Charles Cohen, The Absinthe Drinkers, Mikronesia, Woz and more.


light being (Diana)
Color digital photograph, 30" x 20", printed on photo paper.


$100.00 signed by DoN

light being (Zeke)
Digital photograph, 20" x 30", printed on photo paper.


$100.00 signed by the artist.

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